Dukanlay Order Pickup API

Dukanlay provides Pickup service to integrate with Ecommerce Store

  • First of all you need to get CustomerId and Pin.You can get it on your Profile Page
  • Validate User API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/OrderPickup/ValidateUserCredentials? CustomerId=string&CustomerPin=string
  • Create Pickup Request API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/OrderPickup/CreateRequest? Request= {PickupTime_Ticks=long, PickupLocation=string, Price=decimal, DeliveryAddress=string, Name=string,Phone=string, City=string,Size=string, CallBackUrl, CustomerId=string,CustomerPin}
  • On CallBackUrl will recieve Status Id on status Change
  • Get Pickup Requests API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/OrderPickup/PickupRequests? CustomerId=string&CustomerPin=string
  • Get Single Pickup Request API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/OrderPickup/GetPickupRequest? RequestId=int &CustomerId=string&CustomerPin=string
  • Get Pickup Request Status API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/OrderPickup/GetRequestStatus? RequestId=int &CustomerId=string&CustomerPin=string

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