Dukanlay SEO API

Dukanlay provides SEO Single Page Tester and SEO Spider to test whole website.

  • First of all you need to get CustomerId and Pin.You can get it on your Profile Page
  • For full control of SEO API please see Price Plans
  • Add SEO Project API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/SEOAPI/AddProject? ProjectName=string&ProjectType=int &ProjectScan=int&WebsiteUrl=string &ProjectReport=int&IsActive=bool &EmailContact=List &CustomerPin=string&CustomerId=string
  • Edit SEO Project API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/SEOAPI/EditProject? ProjectName=string&ProjectType=int &ProjectScan=int&WebsiteUrl=string &ProjectReport=int&IsActive=bool &EmailContact=List &ProjectId=int &CustomerPin=string&CustomerId=string
  • Single Page Project SEO Score API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/SEOAPI/SEOTester? ProjectId=int& CustomerId=string&CustomerPin=string
  • SEO Spider Project Score API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/SEOAPI/SEOSpider? ProjectId=int &CustomerId=string&CustomerPin=string
  • SEO Spider Project Score API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/SEOAPI/Result? ProjectId=int&APIKey(CustomerId)=string &APISecretKey(CustomerPin)=string
  • Single Page SEO Score API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/SEOAPI/WebPageScore?WebPage=string
  • Whole Website SEO Score API: http://dukanlay.com/ api/SEOAPI/AllWebPagesScore?WebPage=string

*Free Plan have only 1 project and limited executions

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